Unable to send emails: Temporary lookup failure




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    andreas gstrein


    we run postfix on ubuntu 18.04 with ersion 17.8.11 Update #41
    We do have that problem every 2 to 5 days


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    Nikita Nikushkin

    Hi @andreas gstrein!

    Well, it's weird that the issue occurs so often

    I suggest creating a request to the Support Department to take a look at this issue:

    Plesk Support | Create a request

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    andreas gstrein

    yeah nasty!

    we will move to qmail 

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    Ivan Postnikov

    Hello @andreas,

    Thank you for the information.

    In case deeper investigation is required, consider submitting a request to Plesk Support (to us or to our partner in case the license was purchased from them). 

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