How to enable PEAR support for the domain in Plesk?




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    Scott Rotton

    These instructions are hard to understand, need to be rewritten

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    Alexandr Tumanov

    @Scott, article was edited.

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    Darren Edwards (Edited )

    Probably best to expand a little on the explanations, for example, the include directive may have already been altered previously for some plugin or app, and so having the statement `Set the following value for include_path` is not quite right. Maybe use `change` or `ensure the path includes the values`.

    `Add the following to open_basedir` seems good enough an explanation, bearing in mind the on page instructions already found on the php settings form.

    The two items that state `(use path from step 1):` need to be removed as they are misleading and incorrect.

    However, I found this to be a useful nugget of information, as I have previously had to load PEAR manually in the past, and this is so much easier. Thanks Guys.

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    Ivan Postnikov

    Hello @Darren,

    Thank you for the feedback.

    I'm glad that this article was helpful.

    The article will be reviewed.

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