How can I purchase Plesk Mobile Manager?


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How can I purchase Plesk Mobile Manager?

Applicable to:

  • Plesk


I would like to buy Plesk Mobile Manager.


For Plesk 12:

Mobile Manager Application is included into any Plesk 12 edition by default.

For Plesk 11 and below:

In order to use Plesk Mobile Manager, you need to add Power Pack to your current Plesk license, because Plesk Mobile Manager is only provided as a part of Power Pack.

Here are the ways of acquiring Power Pack:

  1. If you have an active lease license for Plesk, purchased from Plesk Online Store, you can purchase Hosting Pack here:

  2. If you are a partner or a reseller of Plesk, you can log in to your account in Key Administrator and add Power Pack to the Plesk license you need, using an upgrade option for the license.

  3. If you purchased a Plesk license from the Plesk Sales team, contact your Sales representative/contact person at Plesk to buy Power Pack.

  4. If none of the options above is available for you, you can buy Power Pack directly from the mobile device using the purchase option after the 30-days trial period is over. Please note that after the purchase is completed your Plesk license will be updated, as Power Pack will be added to the license. You should retrieve the Plesk license key from within your control panel to enable Power Pack:

Tools and Settings > License Management > Retrieve Keys

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