The most common questions for Plesk Licensing support


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The most common questions for Plesk Licensing support

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  • Plesk


This article is meant to provide easy access to the articles that answer the most popular licensing and purchase questions regarding Plesk.

Note: if you did not find answer to your question in this article, please search for it in the Knowledgebase .

General questions

  • 213391329 Online Store account related questions.
  • 213913485 I cannot log in to my Online Store account.
  • 213903085 Plesk 12 available editions and difference between them.
  • 213904145 What is the Software Update Service (SUS)?
  • 213409109 How to get technical support for Plesk?

Purchase questions

  • 213363489 I see an unauthorized charge from Plesk/Parallels. How do I reverse this?
  • 213379409 How do I purchase a new Plesk license in Plesk Online Store?
  • 213946605 Can I pay for a Plesk license yearly?
  • 213932925 How do I purchase an add-on for my Plesk license?
  • 213415689 Online Store order error: Selected feature is not compatible with your license.
  • 213923745 [HUB] Payment for invoice/purchase failed.
  • 213408809 How do I find invoices in my Online Store account?
  • 213411469 Customer and Business Manager is not available for purchase.

License questions

  • 213362329 [HUB] I purchased a license for an Plesk in Online Store. How can I manage it?
  • 213934825 Can I upgrade or downgrade my license between Plesk 12 editions?
  • 213923165 [HUB] Can I upgrade my older version Plesk license to Plesk 12?
  • 213407089 How can I add features/products to my license managed in Plesk Online Store account?
  • 213957245 How do I cancel a license purchased from Plesk Online Store?
  • 213931165 Feature key cannot be downloaded from Online Store account
  • 213912465 How can I get a trial license for Plesk?
  • 213391109 [HUB] Plesk activation fails.
  • 213929345 [HUB] License key has expired.

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