Mail log and secure log are not being updated on Plesk server with CentOS 7 / RedHat 7




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    Horacio Stolovitzky (Edited )

    It worked for me.  Thank you

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    This works on MOST containers and not others. its very flaky. Most times, deleting the state file and restarting the daemons works well but not always.

    If I do a journalctl -u postfix -f I can see the up to date activity but this fix is not writing it to /var/log/maillog in most cases.

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    Ivan Postnikov

    Hello @Sid, as I can see, this CentOS bug is resolved in CentOS 7.1.

    Please, install the update for your CentOS in case its version is 7.0.

    Also, consider contacting the OS support as the issue is on OS side.

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    Version is 7.5 and I've also seen it happen in v7.4

    All the systemd files look the same as a working container.

    Its an odd issue that's for sure. We will most likely move the subscription to a new container and just blow the old one away.

    Thanks for repsonding.



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