How to switch Plesk Database Provider to MySQL


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How to switch Plesk Database Provider to MySQL

Applicable to:

  • Plesk for Windows


Background: Jet or MSSQL engine is configured as the Plesk Database Provider and the Plesk SQL (MySQL) service is set to "disabled." During installation the Plesk installer sets the MySQL administrator password to the same as the Plesk administrator's password. If the Plesk administrator's password is changed, the MySQL administrator password, which is set by the Plesk installer, remains the same.

Article's purpose: This article is for cases where MySQL is not used to store the Plesk psa database, and where the MySQL administrator password is lost or unknown. To be able to switch the Plesk Database Provider to MySQL, it is necessary to reset the MySQL administrator password to the current Plesk admin's password.


To switch to the Plesk SQL (MySQL) server, take the following steps:

  1. Use first solution from the KB #213388329 article to reset administrator's password on Plesk SQL (MySQL) server. Reset it to your Plesk admin's password.

  2. Run the Plesk Reconfigurator through Windows Start Menu at All Programs > Plesk > Plesk Reconfigurator (or "%plesk_bin%\\reconfigurator.exe" )

  3. Select the Switch DB provider option.

    Note: To speed up the process, you may delete data from the exp_events and log_actions tables in the psa database before you start (exeption when Plesk is integrated in PBAs). Information about actions made in Plesk ( Action Log ) is stored in these tables and may be non-actual or not necessary.

  4. Enter the administrator's logins and passwords as the following:

    Server type: MySQL (choosen by default starting from Plesk 12.5)

    Server address: <enter the MySQL server address and port if required> (by default localhost : 8306 )

    Administrator login: admin

    Administrator password: <your Plesk admin password>

    Database: psa (or any name you like)

    Database user name: admin (or any name you like)

    Password: <your Plesk admin password>

    Confirm password: <your Plesk admin password>

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