How to install Zend Guard Loader on Plesk PHP?




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    Kennette Canales

    How to install zend guard loader directly on plesk php settings? 

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    Pavel Mikhaylov

    Hello Kennette,

    If by 'install Zend Guard Loader directly on plesk PHP settings' you mean installing it via Plesk UI, it is not possible.

    Module itself still has to be unpacked manually.

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    Sascha Henken (Edited )

    This installation does last as long as Plesk doesn´t update the PHP-Version branch. We had it last night, that an update for the PHP 5.6 branch was released. All of a sudden an Oxid Shop installation didn´t work anymore (Internal Server Error). I´ve checked the and While the ZendGuard module was okay, opcache wasn´t. So I had to download the ZendGuardLoader package again and replace the PHP 5.6 with the ZendGuardLoader one.

    So how can I prevent that a Plesk Update does not overwrite existing files? Should I place the "" elsewhere maybe?

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    Artyom Volov

    Hello @Sascha Henken,

    Indeed for proper work of Zend Guard Loader, it is required to replace on the server with the one from Zend Loader package. And because OPcache is shipped with Plesk PHP handler - its library will be replaced with every Plesk update.

    Due to that, I have updated the instruction - it is required to disable OPcache extension from Plesk and place library from Zend Guard Loader package and rename it to avoid any future conflicts.

    You may use the updated instructions form the article to prevent overwrite of Zend Guard Loader libraries with every Plesk update.

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