Blacklisting for spam protection does not work




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    Dan Wright (Edited )

    A couple of things:

    1) There should be a way to direct Postfix to use an alternate resolver instead of having to make a change system-wide like this from resolv.conf or named.conf.

    2) Regardless, I changed to OpenDNS as suggested and get the proper dig +short response, but still failing the nelson-sbl-test @ test as outlined here

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    Dan Wright

    I believe I found resolution. In my file, one of my entries smtpd_client_restrictions had the directive "permit" in front of the rbls for some reason. Placing that directive at the end of the line appears to have re-activated my bl's!

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    Denis Bykov


    These are limitations on the side of DNS provider. Postfix is using nameservers configured on the system.

    Thank you for sharing the information regarding the issue. Indeed, the Postfix decides whether to block the message on not based on the first applicable directive, therefore directive order matters.

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