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    Manfred Beck

    I ran into the same problem, solution is not working for me.

    cd to folder as described
    ls: conf etc logs statistics
    execute find

    Find gives me:
    find: missing argument to `-exec'

    Apache under SSL, PHP 7.1.27 FastCGI, CentOS 6.10 (Final), Plesk Onyx Version 17.8.11 Update #46, last updated on Mar 25, 2019 03:32 AM

    Any help highly appreciated. Some 'old' domains don't show such errors but have no stats at all, some old or new have stats, I wonder what is happening here :-)

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    Dinara Aspembitova
    Hello @Manfred Beck,
    Please, try to run the following command to fix permissions : 
    plesk repair fs -y

    If the issue still persist please submit a ticket to technical support under the link:

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