Mail sent to Postfix default accounts is routed to Plesk Administrator's email


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Mail sent to Postfix default accounts is routed to Plesk Administrator's email

Applicable to:

  • Plesk for Linux


When the mail service is enabled for a domain (i.e. domainname.tld ), the following email accounts are set up in Postfix by default:

# postmap -s /var/spool/postfix/plesk/virtual | grep domainname.tld
drweb@domainname.tld drweb@localhost.localdomain
kluser@domainname.tld kluser@localhost.localdomain
postmaster@domainname.tld postmaster@localhost.localdomain
root@domainname.tld root@localhost.localdomain
anonymous@domainname.tld anonymous@localhost.localdomain
mailer-daemon@domainname.tld mailer-daemon@localhost.localdomain
sender@domainname.tld sender@domainname.tld
spam@domainname.tld spam@domainname.tld

If an email message is sent to one of those email accounts (i.e. root@domainname.tld ), it gets forwarded to the email address that is set under the Parallels Plesk Administrator's Profile.

How can this behavior be changed?


In the following output, you can see that all email sent to the accounts mentioned (for example root@localhost.localdomain ) are forwarded to Plesk Administrator email address (for example pleskadmin@example.tld ):

# postmap -s /var/spool/postfix/plesk/aliases
drweb pleskadmin@example.tld
kluser pleskadmin@example.tld
postmaster pleskadmin@example.tld
root pleskadmin@example.tld
anonymous pleskadmin@example.tld
drweb-daemon pleskadmin@example.tld
ailer-daemon pleskadmin@example.tld
mailman pleskadmin@example.tld

In order to change this behavior:

  1. Modify the /etc/aliases file to forward all messages from desired accounts to another mailbox (for example some@mailbox.tld ).

    For example, for the account root@localhost.localdomain , you should add the following line into the /etc/aliases file:

    root:   some@mailbox.tld
  2. Run the following command:

    postalias /etc/aliases

This will not affect accounts created in Plesk with the name , but if the mailbox does not exist then the message will be forwarded to some@mailbox.tld instead of the Plesk Administrator email address.

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