Unable to send mail to particular domains from a Plesk server: Error 554: host refused to talk to me




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    Eugene van der Merwe

    Thanks for the article. I find the solution "> Contact administrator of a remote mail server", although fairly accurate, not entirely helpful and way too brief.

    The fact of the matter with some of the most complex spamming issues it's not entirely possible to just "contact the administrator". Two notable example as iCloud and Microsoft. Both do not subscribe to the traditional idea of a block list and you cannot use tools such as MX Toolbox to find out if you've been listed there.

    The big issue with blocking is it can lead to lost business - clients irate because you've been blocked and their email is not delivering. How often have I heard threats of cancelling because of blocking.

    What would have have this article more help is links to some of these 3rd party services, or a link to some of the most common unblocking sites.

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    Ivan Postnikov

    Hello Eugene van der Merwe

    Thank you for sharing your user experience.

    As for sharing links to some specific 3rd-party services, the choice is to be made by the customer.

    We're not planning to add such links.

    Thank you for understanding.

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