How psa-pc-remote milter works


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How psa-pc-remote milter works

Applicable to:

  • Plesk for Linux


How the pc-remote milter works? Could it be safely removed?


Mail server scheme

This is typical structure of mail server with Postfix MTA.

The pc-remote here is essential for mail service on the server. In fact, Postfix will not accept incoming messages and will not process the mail queue if this service is absent or down.

Postfix connects to the pc-remote when the sender connects to the server, before the message is saved into the mail queue, before the message is sent to a remote server and before the message is delivered to the local mailbox. Each time, Postfix submits the message to pc-remote and waits for a response.

If the message passes all filters of a particular stage of mail delivery, the pc-remote gives it go and Postfix continues the delivery.

If the message is matched by one of the filters, the pc-remote might tell Postfix to reject the message (e.g., when Postfix receives mail for a mailbox that is over quota, the pc-remote will reject the message), or will return the message to Postfix modified (e.g., with an added header).

Please note that pc-remote works only together with Postfix and will be automatically removed if the qmail installed.

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