How to test SpamAssassin or antivirus software in Plesk


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How to test SpamAssassin or antivirus software in Plesk

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How to test SpamAssassin or Kaspersky and Plesk Premium Antivirus antiviruses?


SpamAssassin: To test SpamAssassin it is necessary to send a test email containing the following string of characters in message body (in upper case and with no spaces or line breaks):


Note: The test email can be sent from an account outside of your network.

While testing, note that Gtube test email gives +1000 scores to spam. So, even if a mailbox is in the whitelist, mail still be detected as spam because whitelisted email get -100 scores. Detailed information about scores can be found in an email header. The output will look similar to:

* -100 USER_IN_WHITELIST From: address is in the user's white-list
* -1.0 ALL_TRUSTED Passed through trusted hosts only via SMTP
* 1000 GTUBE BODY: Generic Test for Unsolicited Bulk Email
* 0.0 TVD_SPACE_RATIO No description available.

To modify the maximum score that whitelisted and blacklisted emails will get, modify file and set the required score for USER_IN_BLACKLIST and USER_IN_WHITELIST parameters.

Antivirus: To test Kaspersky Antivirus, Plesk Premium Antivirus or any other antivirus, attach a test file that contains this special string:


The file that already contains a special string can be downloaded from the Kaspersky Labs server:

Results can be seen in %plesk_dir%admin/logs/plesklog_avstat<date>.log file

Note : debug(DWORD) value (Plesk application debug) should be set to 1 under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\\SOFTWARE\\Wow6432Node\\PLESK\\PSA Config\\Config .

Additional information

Please find additional information about SpamAssassin in Plesk ducomentation: SpamAssassin Spam Filter

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