Cannot publish site to NFS share: "Cannot update modules data"


2016-11-16 12:45:32 UTC


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Cannot publish site to NFS share: "Cannot update modules data"

Applicable to:

  • Plesk Sitebuilder for Linux
  • Web Presence Builder for Linux
  • Plesk Sitebuilder for Windows


Site cannot be published, the following error is shown in Sitebuilder Wizard:

The site has been published with errors.
Cannot update modules data.


The problem is caused by NFS locking.:

"SQLite uses reader/writer locks to control access to the database. But use caution: this locking mechanism might not work correctly if the database file is kept on an NFS filesystem. This is because fcntl() file locking is broken on many NFS implementations. You should avoid putting SQLite database files on NFS if multiple processes might try to access the file at the same time."

Configuration of Sitebuilder modules is stored in SQLite database on publishing host. The file is located at /data/storage/sb_modules.php under publishing location. When you edit site in Sitebuilder Wizard or if site is published Parallels Plesk Sitebuilder locks the SQLite database file and then edits it.

If publishing host is mounted as NFS file system locking is not possible by default. This causes Sitebuilder is unable to work with SQLite database and the error occurs.


  1. Add option "nolock" to NFS mount parameters
  2. Change site publishing location – the site should be published into real directory, not to NFS share.
  3. Migrate affected sites to Web Presence Builder that works without SQLite database.
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