Plesk 12.5 UI changes


2016-11-16 12:44:13 UTC


2017-08-08 13:27:22 UTC


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Plesk 12.5 UI changes

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  • Plesk


What changes were made in Plesk 12.5 user interface since version 12.0?


Plesk 12.5 has a new color scheme and several improvements in the user interface:

  • Tabs in Power User mode / customer panel are replaced with menu items on the left:

  • Subscription's General tab, where the administrator could change subscription's service plan or customize the subscription, has been replaced with "Account" widget in the right column:

  • Plesk no longer prevents Plesk administrator or a reseller from switching to Power User view if there are customer/reseller accounts in the system.

  • Plesk administrator and resellers can now switch between Service Provider view and Power User view using a widget in the lower left corner of the screen:

  • Plesk no longer uses frames in its interface. This allows Plesk interface to be fully adaptive for both customers and administrator. Now, it is possible to work with Plesk from any smartphone using just a web browser.

  • When creating a new subscription, Plesk hides the choice of add-on service plans if there are no add-on plans on the server

  • Password strength meter shows up as you start typing the password

  • If it is required to get back to Plesk 12.0 user interface, install Skins and color schemes extension from the Extensions Catalog. Then, click Revert to the Plesk 12.0 color scheme .

    Reverting to Plesk 12.0 color scheme will also bring back tabs to the top in the Power User mode.


  • Now Unlock and Sync button is located on the right-bottom part of Websites & Domains section:

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