Error: Error code -1073741502


2016-11-16 12:43:53 UTC


2017-08-08 13:30:16 UTC


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Error: Error code -1073741502

Applicable to:

  • Plesk for Windows


While creating a subscription or customer the following error is displayed in Plesk:

Error: (Error code -1073741502)

I made a several attempts to create a subscription from command line:

"%plesk_cli%"\\subscription.exe -c test.tld -owner new-test -www true -dns true -hosting true -login testlogin -passwd "<PASSWORD>" -ip

and they are failed while calling different Plesk utilities on different stages, see below.

== "%plesk_dir%"\\admin\\logs\\php_error.log

[25-Aug-2014 21:19:21 Asia/Karachi] DEBUG (7)  [util_exec]: 0, script = vhostmng, version = 1.0, args=--install-vhost --vhost-name=testtldsub.tld --user-name=testlogin, stdin=
[25-Aug-2014 21:19:21 Asia/Karachi] ERR (3) [util_exec]: plesk_proc_close() failed
[25-Aug-2014 21:19:21 Asia/Karachi] DEBUG (7) [util_exec]: 0, time = 0.03125, errcode = -1073741502; stderr = ; stdout =


Operation system misconfiguration. Error code -1073741502 means that operation system unable to initialize some .dll files.


Contact system administrator to manage the issue.

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