How to enable/disable Apache graceful restart in Plesk




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    David Schroff

    The manual does not notice how to enable this change:

    /usr/local/psa/admin/bin/httpdmng --reconfigure-all
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    Pavel Rozental

    Hello David, article is correct. It's not needed to run httpdmng command to apply changes. 

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    No David is correct. I run a webapp from within Plesk, and simply completing this database edit did not do the job. My logs showed:

    503 POST {my uri} HTTP/1.0

    (104)Connection reset by peer: AH01075: Error dispatching request to :, referer: {my uri}

    Thank you David for posting the final step.

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    Bulat Tsydenov

    s intende@Justin, Hi!

    Let me try to explain to you how it works and why it is actually not required to run httpdmng utility.

    The solution from this article is to add a particular parameter to Pleks database. Every time when Plesk runs reconfiguration of some configuration files, it checks the value of 'restart_apache_gracefully' parameter. If it is true, then Plesk will restart apache gracefully. If you run httpdmng after these steps, it will not make anything to achieve what this article is intended for. 

    As for the errors, I believe they could have been resolved by running httpdmng to fix them, however, the cause of them different and the solution from this article makes nothing to fix them. 

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    Stéphan Schamp

    To enable:

    INSERT INTO psa.misc VALUES ('restart_apache_gracefully', 'true') ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE val='true';


    To disable:


    INSERT INTO psa.misc VALUES ('restart_apache_gracefully', 'false') ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE val='false';

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    Rhein Web


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    Luis Zubeldia

    quick way to check if grafecull restart is active?

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    Alisa Kasyanova

    @Luis Zubeldia
    This command will do the trick: plesk db "select * from misc where param = 'restart_apache_gracefully';" . It will either show the "true" or "false" value or it won't show anything - it means that graceful restart is disabled.

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    Peter Wise

    If you want to do this completely from within Plesk:

    • Tools & Settings > Database Servers > Wrench icon - to open root phpMyAdmin panel
    • Open psa database
    • Open misc table
    • You can search for restart_apache_gracefully to see if it exists already. Edit it if it does. If not, insert a new row with param set to restart_apache_gracefully and val set to true
    • Recommended to also go to Tools & Settings > Apache Web Server and set Apache restart interval to 300 or something similar (only do apache restarts every 5 minutes instead of immediately as settings changes require)
    • Now go to Tools & Settings > Services Management and press the restart button for the apache service
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    Alisa Kasyanova

    @Peter Wise
    Thank you for the detailed steps! I am sure that other Plesk users will find it really helpful.

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