Plesk Pre-Transfer Checker


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Plesk Pre-Transfer Checker

Applicable to:

  • Plesk Onyx for Linux
  • Plesk 11.x for Windows
  • Plesk 11.x for Linux
  • Plesk 12.0 for Windows
  • Plesk 12.0 for Linux
  • Plesk 9.x for Windows

Release notes

The Plesk Pre-Transfer Checker is designed to allow providers to check for known cases that may cause migration failures and that should be fixed before starting a migration procedure.

Please feel free to discuss the Plesk Pre-Transfer Checker in the special thread on the Plesk Forum .


Pre-Transfer Checker works in two stages: "on source" and "on destination" . On stage "on source" all necessary information collects to dump file, on stage "on destination" information from the dump file is used to perform checks. For Linux stage "on source" is fully automated, for Windows you need to run script with option --source on Source server, then copy dump file to Destination server manually and run script on Destination server.


Version 15.0 :

  • (Windows) Check for empty client login.

Version 14.0 :

  • (Windows) Check for SQL Server Management Objects (SMO) is up-to-date.
  • (Windows) Check for Average Disk Queue Length.
  • Error reporting has been improved.
  • Bug fixes: Wrong determining of paths for free disk space calculation on Windows, wrong warning of not installed outdated and not supported components.

Version 13.0 :

  • Add warning that Mailman-specific settings set up through Mailman admin interface or un-approved messages in moderated lists will be lost during migration

Version 12.0 :

  • bug fixes

Version 11.0 :

Following check items have been added:

  • warn if different mail servers installed on source and destination

Version 10.0 :

  • usability improvements

Version 9.0 :

Following check items have been added:

  • warn if Webalizer package version on Destination server is lower that on Source server

Version 8.0 :

Following check items have been added:

  • add notice about all mail list members of all domains will receive welcome messages about being added to their mail list again

Version 7.0 :

Following check items have been added:

  • check for enough inodes on Destination server

Version 6.0 :

Following check items have been added:

  • check for possible business logic issues
  • check for broken relationships between tables siteapppackages and apsapplicationitems

Version 5.0 :

Following check items have been added:

  • check for sshd settings
  • check for unknown system users on Source server
  • check for used Plesk components on Source server and license limitations on Destination server
  • check for MS SQL instance's name on Destination server
  • check for possible Perl's bigint module issues
  • check for required system locales
  • check for outdated version of SmarterMail

Version 4.0 :

The following checks have been added:

  • check that Plesk components used on Source server is installed on Destination server.

Version 3.0 :

The following checks have been added:

  • table smb\_users for records with empty UUID field;- accessibility of MySQL server on Source and Destination servers;- completeness of initial Plesk configuration;- running Plesk service;- existence of MySQL databases on Source server that are not registered in Plesk (not managed by Plesk and unknown for Plesk) and hence will not be migrated to the Destination server.
  • check that Plesk components used on Source server is installed on Destination server.


For Windows :

On Source :

"%plesk_bin%\\php.exe" -d auto_prepend_file="" c:\\pre_transfer_checker.php --source


"%plesk_bin%\\php.exe" -d auto_prepend_file="" c:\\pre_transfer_checker.php --source

[2013-02-15 06:18:37][INFO] ==> Options parsed

[2013-02-15 06:18:37][INFO] ==> Source created

[2013-02-15 06:18:44][INFO] ==> Info collected

[2013-02-15 06:18:44][INFO] ==> Serialized

[2013-02-15 06:18:44][INFO] ==> Dump saved to C:\\/panel_pre_transfer.dump

[2013-02-15 06:18:44][INFO] ==> Exit

On Destination :

"%plesk_bin%\\php.exe" -d auto_prepend_file="" c:\\pre_transfer_checker.php --dump <path to dump file>


"%plesk_bin%\\php.exe" -d auto_prepend_file="" c:\\pre_transfer_checker.php --dump c:\\panel_pre_transfer.dump

[2013-02-15 06:23:42][INFO] ==> Options parsed
[2013-02-15 02:13:27][WARNING] System user u89 of domain already exists on destination server
[2013-02-15 06:23:54][INFO] ==> Done

For Linux:

Script always should be executed on Destination server. File pre_transfer_checker.php will be automatically copied to Source server though SSH connection and started there. As result file panel_pre_transfer.dump will be copied to Destination server.

On Destination:

./pre_transfer_checker.php ``<-s host> <-l login> <-P port>

<-s host> - Plesk source host

<-l login> - source host login

<-P port> - SSH port on source host


# chmod +x pre_transfer_checker.php
# ./pre_transfer_checker.php ``-s -l root -P 22`

[2013-02-15 02:13:14][INFO] ==> Options parsed
The authenticity of host ' (' can't be established.
RSA key fingerprint is 3f:74:be:a8:3f:80:4d:35:a4:c4:30:00:9f:7e:87:c5.
Are you sure you want to continue connecting (yes/no)? yes
Warning: Permanently added '' (RSA) to the list of known hosts.
root@'s password:
[2013-02-15 02:13:25][INFO] Execute: scp -P 22 -o ControlPath=root@ /root/pre_transfer_checker.php root@

[2013-02-15 02:13:26][INFO] ==> Execute on source server: '/root/pre_transfer_checker.php --source'
[2013-02-15 02:13:26][INFO] Execute: scp -P 22 -o ControlPath=root@ root@ /root/panel_pre_transfer.dump
[2013-02-15 02:13:26][WARNING] Your source server has more that 250 domains. Apache may fail to work because of a problem involving the file descriptors limit. Please check article /en/2066 for more details
[2013-02-15 02:13:26][WARNING] Local MySQL variable 'max_allowed_packet' should be increased up to '26776576' to successfully migrate large blob databases
[2013-02-15 02:13:27][WARNING] Mail lists will not be migrated because Mailing Lists Server is not configured. You can configure Mail Lists Server in Tools & Settings
[2013-02-15 02:13:27][WARNING] PostgreSQL Databases will not be migrated because PostgreSQL Server is not configured or not registered properly. You can configure PostgreSQL Server in Tools & Settings > Database Servers

[2013-02-15 02:13:27][INFO] ==> Done

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