I registered a domain with Plesk reseller, who is unresponsive to my requests. How do I get control of my domain?


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I registered a domain with Plesk reseller, who is unresponsive to my requests. How do I get control of my domain?

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  • Plesk

Plesk provide domain registration services as a partner of eNom. If your domain was registered with a reseller of Plesk, but the reseller does not respond to your inquiries and you need to control your domain name, please follow the steps below:

Check WHOIS details for your domain name.

To have any domain moved, you or your company MUST be listed in the WHOIS contact information as the registrant. If you are not, there is nothing we can do to change it. To check the WHOIS information, go to eNom’s WHOIS tool and insert your domain name:


In cases when Registrant information is invalid or unavailable, we have to treat the domain as if it does not have a Registrant. For example:

Registrant Name: NA
Registrant Organization: NA
Registrant Email: NA

In such situations, we refer to the Administrative contact to identify domain ownership.

If you are not the registrant of the domain name in question, you might want to contact ICANN to dispute domain ownership and correct WHOIS details:


If you or your company is listed as the registrant of domain name in question, please submit a request for Plesk:


Please make sure that the following information in included into your request:

  • your domain name or website URL;
  • your contact details including your name, company name, email address and phone number;
  • information about who your reseller is, how you have attempted to reach your reseller,
  • the domain purchase date and the website where you bought the domain, if you have this information.

Depending on whether the registrant is an individual or a company, you will also need to provide one of the following documents for domain ownership verification:

  • for individuals: a color digital copy of a government issued photo ID (driver's license, passport, military ID, birth certificate);
  • for companies: a digital copy of a Business License or an Article of Incorporation.

There are two major solutions:

A. Push to another account

Your domain can be pushed to your own retail account with Plesk. The procedure is free-of-charge. In the account you will be able to renew the domain, change DNS settings and WHOIS contact information, you will also have access to other settings and services.

Before your domain is moved to the retail account, please make sure you are aware of the pricing for domain registration/renewal/transfer:

http://pleskdomains.com/pricing.aspx > Domain Pricing

In order to create a retail account with Plesk please go to:


Click on New Account. Fill in your information. Note that you do not need to fill in the credit card information. Once you have created your account, provide Plesk support with your account login ID.

B. Transfer to another registrar

We can unlock your domain and provide EPP/Authorization code, so you will be able to transfer your domain to a different registrar. EPP code can only be sent to the registrant's email address, please make sure that this mailbox is active and you have access to it.

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