What is the Software Update Service (SUS)?


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What is the Software Update Service (SUS)?

Applicable to:

  • Plesk


Software Update Service (SUS) is the software maintenance program which allows customers to perform a major version upgrade to a newer version free of charge.

SUS applies to the following products only:

Plesk Expand
Plesk SiteBuilder
Virtuozzo containers

SUS for Lease licenses (that are paid for on a monthly or yearly basis) does not have expiration date; it is valid while the license is valid.

SUS for Perpetual/Purchased* licenses (that are 1 time purchases) is activated for one year with the initial purchase and can be renewed before the first year purchase anniversary date for 25% of the base retail price of your license key(s).

If SUS expired but you still want to upgrade your license, you will have to Reinstate SUS which costs 65% of the license key price for unlimited domains.

SUS Facts:

  • SUS is included with your initial license fee(s) which allows you to update software to new releases for a period of 12 months from the time of purchase.
  • SUS is required to update your software licenses to new releases.
  • SUS is an optional service for license owners.
  • SUS can be renewed only while it is active.
  • SUS can be renewed yearly for 25% of the retail price of your license key(s).
  • If SUS expired, it can be reinstated for 65% of the license key price for unlimited domains.
  • SUS is not transferable and is issued to a specific software license key and its owner.
  • SUS does not include product support or installation services. For product support look at available support options.
  • SUS expiration date is not displayed in control panel license management menu. To check an exact SUS expiration date, contact Licensing and Purchase Support .

How to renew/reinstate SUS:

  • If you purchased your license from Plesk Online Store, you can purchase SUS renewal/reinstatement for your license in our Online Store: https://www.plesk.com/software-update-service/

  • SUS for other products, can be also purchased through our sales team

  • If you are a Plesk partner, please contact your sales representative directly to renew/reinstate SUS.

  • If the license was purchased not from Plesk directly, please contact the reseller you purchased it from for any assistance with your license.

*NOTE: Plesk has stopped selling new Plesk perpetual licenses as of September 12, 2012. After this date, you can still purchase Plesk lease licenses. Any licenses that have already been created will not be affected by this change. Existing licenses stay fully functional.

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