Subscription lifecycle and statuses in Plesk Online Store


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Subscription lifecycle and statuses in Plesk Online Store

Applicable to:

  • Web Presence Builder
  • Plesk Sitebuilder


A subscription in Plesk Online Store can have one of the statuses listed below:

  • Active

Subscription has been renewed successfully. Purchased license key is active.

  • Pending Renewal

The subscription is in renewal period. Outstanding invoice for subscription renewal has not been paid, and it is not Renewal Date yet.

New invoice is generated 10 days prior to renewal date. Subscription goes to Pending Renewal status. You should pay an invoice within 10 days so that license is re-activated for the next billing cycle.

License key remains active while subscription is Pending Renewal.

If you do not want to renew the license, you have 5 days from invoice generation date to cancel your license. For details about license cancellation, visit: KB #116473

5 days after the invoice was generated, we will try to automatically charge your card for your license renewal. If the transaction is not successful, you will receive a notification and will have to modify billing information and pay for the license manually in your Online Store account.

If outstanding invoice for the subscription is paid during Pending Renewal period, subscription goes to Active state.

  • Graced

If renewal date has passed, and invoice for subscription renewal still has not been paid, subscription goes to Graced status. Once subscription becomes Graced, corresponding license is suspended, so it cannot be used for activation. Subscription will remain Graced for 30 days.

You may still pay an outstanding invoice during 30 days to get license re-activated.

  • Completed

If renewal invoice has not been paid within 40 days since it was generated, subscription becomes Completed. A subscription in this status cannot be renewed or re-activated. Invoice is then voided automatically to prevent payment for canceled subscription. When subscription becomes Completed, license key is terminated, and it cannot be used again.


License period starts from the moment of purchase/renewal, not from activation on server.

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