Plesk cannot retrieve license key: An error occurred while processing your key


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Plesk cannot retrieve license key: An error occurred while processing your key

Applicable to:

  • Plesk


Plesk cannot retrieve license key. The following error appears:

Key Update Status:
Unable to update Plesk Key. An error occurred while processing your key.

You can try to update it later. The key cannot be upgraded due to the network failure during connection with the Key Authority server. Please check that your Internet connection is configured, you can resolve and access and your firewall enables outgoing connections to TCP port 5224.

However, it is possible to telnet to on port 5224.

key_history table in Plesk database contains corrupted records. Example:

mysql> select id, plesk_key_id from key_history;
| id | plesk_key_id |
| 1 | plsk000000000000 |
| 2 | ?^uxi~Lг¦--¬a°Nx-?L¦»<a;?г*f5>-??+?@t?¦b-+i¦ |
| 3 | ?^uxi~Lг¦--¬a°Nx-?L¦»<a;?г*f5>-??+?@t?¦b-+i¦ |
| 4 | PLSK005268120000 |
| 5 | PLSK004332790001 |
| 6 | PLSK004332790002 |
6 rows in set (0.00 sec)


When Plesk sends a request to the KA server it generates a special XML packet. Data for this packet is taken from the Plesk database "key\_history" table. In case the data is corrupted, it cannot be retrieved.


In the example above, records with ID 2 and 3 are corrupted. To fix the problem it is necessary to remove them. Use the following command to remove the problem records:

mysql> delete from key_history where id=2 or id=3;
Query OK, 2 rows affected(0.03 sec)

After that click on Retrive keys .

IMPORTANT: If you have Plesk for Windows 7.5 - 8.x license , installed on Windows XP/Windows Server 2003 (Microsoft Windows 5.2), refer to

  • 213377529 License for Plesk 7.5/7.6 or 8.x for Windows fails to update .
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    Thomas Lorenzon

    I tried this but my key_historyt table is empty.

    I tried to submit a request but my plesk license key is not recognised and I can't create a request.

    Can someone contact me? Thanks Thomas

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    Vitaly Zhidkov

    @Thomas, this means that you have purchased a license from one of our partners. Please contact your hosting provider and they will help you to solve this issue.

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