How can I submit a request to Plesk support?


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How can I submit a request to Plesk support?

In continuous efforts to improve our services and customer experience, we have changed our ticketing system on December 18, 2016.

Here you can find the answers for the majority of questions that may arise.

How do I create a new ticket?

Go to and click the Submit a request link in the top-right corner, then follow the wizard

 How do I log in to the new ticketing system?

 1. If you have already submitted a support request and received a notification about request creation, follow the Forgot my password link in the Sign-In dialogue window.

To receive a password reset link use the e-mail you used when you created the request.

2. If you have not submitted a request yet you will need to click the Sign Up link and create a new user. A welcome email will be sent to the specified e-mail, containing a verification link that enables you to sign in.

 Has my Partner account been migrated from the legacy ticketing system to the new ticketing system?

 We migrated your company accounts and corresponding information, such as company name, mail domains, and partner level.

We did not migrate tickets or personal accounts as this data is encrypted and they are to be re-created as described above.

If you represent a Plesk partner you need to use your company's mailbox when you sign up. When you submit a support request you do not need to use a Support Code anymore. The ticketing system will automatically prioritise the case and link it to the proper Company account based on the mail domain of the personal account.

 Is it possible to log in to the new ticketing system ( using my account from the old one (

 No, it is not possible to log in using the old account in the new ticketing system. It is necessary to create a new one in If you are a Plesk partner, do not forget to use your company mailbox.

I am logged into the new ticketing system, how can I find my support requests?

 To see your requests click on your username in the top-right corner, and then click My activities. There you can see the list of support requests you submitted.

 How can I access tickets that were resolved before December 18, 2016?

 Log in to the legacy ticketing system at using the credentials you had with the legacy ticketing system. The legacy ticketing system will be available until July 1, 2017.

What benefits does the new ticketing system provide me?

 The new ticketing system finds and prompts relevant solutions to help you address your question without contacting Plesk support. If you sign up to the new Plesk ticketing system you can monitor all your tickets including priority and status. The system will let you see all tickets created by you or your colleagues and allow you to collaborate and share knowledge gained from the Plesk support team.

Why do not I have the option to specify a Support Code when I submit a support request? As a Plesk partner, I want to be sure I am getting priority support.

 We dropped Support Code as an identification of priority. To make sure your support requests get the correct priority, submit requests using your company mailbox. The ticketing system recognises Plesk partners by company domain name and sets priority accordingly.

I am a Plesk partner. I am getting the bounce message when I submit a support request.

If you are a Partner and believe you used the correct email address, please call us or contact your Account Manager. In case you are not a partner we recommend you resubmit a ticket again and specify your Plesk license key.

How can I see tickets submitted by my colleagues?

By default, the ticketing system is set to show only tickets submitted by you. If you want to see all open and resolved tickets submitted by your colleagues, please ask your Account Manager to enable it.

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