MSSQL server is not registered in Plesk


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2017-08-08 13:40:44 UTC


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MSSQL server is not registered in Plesk

Applicable to:

  • Plesk 12.5 for Windows


  • MSSQL server is shown as not registered in Tools and Settings > Database Servers . After user name and password are specified it marks as green but times later it is shown unregistered again.

  • Event viewer contains the following error:

    mssqlmng.exe --get-database-size "--server=" "--login=sa" "--password=*" "--database=database_name"
    Invalid object name 'database_name.dbo.sysfiles'.
    at (VADORecordSet::open line 139)
    at execute console command --get-database-size(vconsoleapp::start line 100)
    at execute mssqlmng.exe --get-database-size "--server=" "--login=sa" "--password=*" "--database=Gyan"(vconsoleapp::run line 117)


Databases are missing in MSSQL directory at %plesk_dir%\\Databases\\MSSQL\\MSSQLXXXX.MSSQLSERVER\\MSSQL\\Data .


  • Restore databases files from backup

    1. Open SQL Management Studio Express and log in to the server to which you want to attach the database.
    2. In the 'Object Explorer' window, right-click on the 'Databases' folder and select 'Attach...'
    3. The 'Attach Databases' window will open; inside that window click 'Add...' and then navigate to your .MDF file and click 'OK'.
    4. Click 'OK' once more to finish attaching the database and you are done. The database should be available for use.
  • Or remove the databases for each domain via Plesk GUI:

Tools & Settings > Database Servers > MS SQL > Press number under databases column > Manage Hosting > Remove Database for databases with MS SQL Server

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