How to install and configure Apache modules?


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How to install and configure Apache modules?

Applicable to:

  • Plesk for Linux


Similar notification from Migration Manager is shown:

The following Apache modules are not installed on the destination server: `mem_cache`,`jk`,`bw`. Please install and enable these modules to prevent possible problems.

How to install and configure required Apache modules?


Additional modules for Apache web server can be configured by the following steps:

  1. Check the version of installed Apache web server:

    # rpm -qa | grep http
  2. Download the sources for required Apache version and unzip it:

    # wget
    # tar xfz httpd-2.2.15.tar.gz
  3. Install GNU compiller , C++ support to the compiller , kernel-development , and httpd development packages:

    # yum install gcc gcc-c++ kernel-devel httpd-devel
  4. Check required files for compilation of modules. For example, information about mem_cache module can be found in the following file:

    # cat /root/httpd-2.2.15/modules/cache/config.m4
    dnl # list of object files for mod_mem_cache
    mod_mem_cache.lo dnl
    cache_cache.lo dnl
    cache_pqueue.lo dnl
    cache_hash.lo dnl
  5. Go to /root/httpd-2.2.15/modules/cache

    # cd /root/httpd-2.2.15/modules/cache
  6. Configure required module with the following command:

    # apxs -c -i mod_mem_cache.c cache_cache.c cache_pqueue.c cache_hash.c

    Note: Module mem_cache requires anothe module mod_cache . It acts as a support module for mod_cache and provides a memory based storage manager. Plesk has built-in support for mod_cache .

    Additional information could be found in the official documentation

  7. Restart Apache web server in order to apply changes in configuration.

  8. After that, it will be possible to manage Apache modules via the Plesk interface Tools & Settings > Apache Web Server Settings

Note: Since version 10.4, Plesk has built-in support for mod_jk and mod_bw . These modules can be installed via Updates and Upgrades , it is called "Bandwidth Limiter For Apache support (mod_bw)" and "Tomcat Java Servlets support" .

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