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How to retrieve/reset password of Plesk Administrator (admin) user in Plesk for Windows




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    Nathan Corbett

    Looks great, but the command plesk is not recognized by the OS after using your windows server installer.  Server 2019 with Plesk Onyx (and lost admin password).

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    Nikita Nikushkin

    Hello @Nathan Corbett,

    This error:

    'plesk' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.

    can occur when you start the command prompt under a non-administrator account

    So, run it under administrator and try to reset the password once more time

    Also, keep in mind that Windows Server 2019 is not supported by Plesk Onyx 17.8

    Windows Server 2019 will be supported by the upcoming major Plesk release - Plesk Obsidian

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    Andre Engel


    i have the newest Plesk Release and lost my password

    i have this problem:

    C:\Users\Administrator>plesk login
    Das System kann die angegebene Datei nicht finden. (Error code 2) at Unable to connect to pipe \\.\pipe\P_c5671733-6aa3-408b-b24c-c7fa789df376
    at (Con::ClientOverlappedPipe::create line 518)
    at get shared instance of PleskSrvClient(PleskSrvClient::getInstance line 364)
    at Unable to execute CU(wmain line 85)exit status 1

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    Ivan Postnikov

    Hello Andre Engel

    Please, check the size of %plesk_dir%admin\bin\PocoNetSSL.dll.

    In case it doesn't exist or has a zero size, prepare a test installation of Plesk and copy this file to the affected server.

    In case this won't help, submit a request for support.

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