How to perform dist-upgrade procedure on server with Plesk




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    Sebastian M. Braun

    Unfortunately my vserver hosted by hosteurope does not come online again after running

    # /opt/psa/bin/

    and rebooting after. Although there were no errors.


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    @Sebastian: Same here ... I've read your comment too late :-(

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    Nikolay Voytko

    @Sebastian, @Andy it will be great if you can shed some light on the issues that you faced.

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    Only the pre-installed version and their updates are usable.
    A dist-upgrade attempt will result in a system that is no longer running after a reboot.

    I'm still waiting for the backup process of 300 gigabytes (for 6 hours) to repair this bullshit ... please put a hint right over the call.

    The virtualization software of hosteurope is probably not compatible with the updated kernel and no longer find the VM.

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    Dimitar Mustakov


    @Sebastian and @Andy are problems solved?

    I need to upgrade my debian server with plesk12.5 from wheezy to jessie this weekend. Can you share any recommendations about this upgrade?


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    Alexander Tsmokalyuk

    @Andy please tell me what virtualization type is used. You can use "virt-what" utility to check it.

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    Sebastian M. Braun (Edited )

    My "Solution": I ordered a new clean ubuntu 16.04 and installed plesk by myself. Very disappointing.

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