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    Dave Philley

    The motherboard on my computer crashed, and I had to buy a new computer. I tried to login to my website on my which is hosted by Plesk, but I have forgotten both my username and password for the site,. I tried reset to get a new password by entering the email address I think I used when I registered for a website but I get an error message Error: The email address was not recognized. Please double-check and try again.
    Can you please send me the info I need to login to my site?

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    Anton Maslov

    Hi Dave, Plesk is not a hosting company, we don't host any websites.

    • If you are a Plesk administrator, you need to login by SSH and reset password for Plesk Admin UI
    • If you are not a Plesk administrator - you should reach them to get help resting access to your site.

    p.s. I used online tool and it shows that IP belongs to iDigital internet, might be you need to reach them for a help

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