Subscription creation fails with error: Unable to find the awstats template file




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    Miha Gregorš


    I have the similar problem. Each time I try to add a subdomain, I got this error:

    Error: The component AWStats was not installed

    Cause installation of awstats is only "workaround" but I don't want to install it.

    Regards, Miha

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    Alexandr Redikultsev

    Hi, @Miha!

    In order to fix it, I suggest switching statistics engine for the main domain from AWStats to Webalizer or to none as it seemed like the wrong value is specified in the database. Switch it to Webalizer with the following command:

    # plesk bin domain -u -webstat webalizer

    Or to 'none' with this one:

    # plesk bin domain -u -webstat none

    This should sort the issue out.

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