Prepare a Plesk Server for Migration


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Prepare a Plesk Server for Migration

Applicable to:

  • Plesk for Linux


What action should be done to avoid errors during migration?


  1. All Plesk components that are used on the source server should be installed on the destination server as well. For example, if the source server has PostgreSQL or Mailman, these packages must be installed on the destination host as well. Otherwise, the corresponding data will not be transferred.

  2. Plesk license on the destination server must meet all requirements that exist on the source server.

  3. Check if free disk space on the source server is enough to dump the data. The free disk space should be at least the data size you wish to migrate.

The destination server must contain free disk space at least twice the size of the data being migrated. The extra space is needed to store the dump on the destination server and extract data from it.

  1. Make sure the default MySQL character set is latin1 . This encoding is used by MySQL by default. However, if it was redefined in /etc/my.cnf , it is better to switch it back to avoid the problems with database restoration.

    Current default characters that are set can be found with the following command:

    # MYSQL_PWD=`cat /etc/psa/.psa.shadow` mysql -u admin -e 'status' | grep characterset
    Server characterset: latin1
    Db characterset: latin1
    Client characterset: latin1
    Conn. characterset: latin1
  2. Increase or define the max_allowed_packet value for MySQL server in /etc/my.cnf to prevent the issues during the database migration: 

    max_allowed_packet = 64M

  3. If there are domains on the server with databases hosted on a remote database server, make sure you follow this article:

    #114045 - Unable to migrate domains with databases on a remote database server.

Additional information

For more details, refer to the following guides:

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