Plesk 12.5.30 MU#46


2016-11-16 13:16:39 UTC


2017-04-24 11:40:49 UTC


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Plesk 12.5.30 MU#46

Applicable to:

  • Plesk 12.5 for Linux
  • Plesk 12.5 for Windows

Release Notes

Plesk is pleased to introduce the new Micro-Update #46 for the 12.5.30 version of Plesk.

The 12.5.30 MU#46 update is recommended for all Plesk users and includes general functionality fixes that improve the stability, compatibility, and security of your Plesk server.

To ensure optimal server reliability and security, we strongly recommend keeping your operating system and Plesk software up-to-date.

What's Changed

[*] PHP 5.6 was updated to version 5.6.25

[*] PHP 7.0 was updated to version 7.0.10

The following issues were resolved:

Web Presence Builder

[-] The Map module did not work correctly because Google Maps required the API key. (PPB-4467)

[-] If several Navigation modules were added to the web site, and the first added module was configured to display not all levels, multiple navigation worked incorrectly on mobile devices.(PPB-4465)

[-] The Getting Started video was not available. (PPB-4460)

[-] If an external image was added to a web site, it was converted to a wrong relative image link and was displayed as a broken image on a published web site. (PPB-4450)

[-] Language change was not applied correctly to some site templates. (PPB-4449)

[-] Some site templates slowed down publishing of a web site. (PPB-4447)

[-] The robots.txt file could not be edited in Web Presence Builder settings if Google services were disabled. (PPB-4446)

[-] If an image with transparent background was used on a web site, the white color was used for the background instead.(PPB-4445)

[-] The "title" attribute of an image added while editing HTML source, was not saved after clicking the "Save/Update" button in the editor.(PPB-4443)

[-] The confirmation dialog of removing an image contained the word "Continue" twice when Russian language was used in the user interface. (PPB-4433)

[-] Incorrect highlighting of menu items was used for the Navigation module. (PPB-4430)

[-] If more than one Contact Form modules were added, only one of the contact forms could be edited. (PPB-4425)

[-] Temporary files were not removed from the "/usr/local/sb/tmp" directory after the site publishing. (PPB-4419)

[-] The "Optimize the website for viewing on mobile devices" option was applied to a web site even if it was not selected. (PPB-4418)

[-] If the first page of a web site had an empty Page link name, the redirect loop could occur when browsing the web site. (PPB-4414)

[-] In some cases a web site was published with confusing error messages in the log file. (PPB-4410)

[-] A web site design could not be exported to a file via clicking "Design > Templates > Export Design". (PPB-4408)

[-] Documents and images failed to upload in Internet Explorer of the versions 9, 10, and 11. (PPB-4406)

[-] If the "Page name in browser's title bar" setting was changed in one language for a web site with multiple languages, the change was applied to other languages as well. (PPB-4403)

[-] The web site design could not be changed in case when a Banner module was located in a hidden sidebar.(PPB-4299)

[-] After moving an image within the text module, the "src" attribute of the image was changed on the published web site. (PPB-2649)

[-] (on Linux) Restoration of a snapshot of a web site took too long time and resulted with an error in the panel.log file. (PPB-4466)


[+] - Added

[-] - Fixed

[*] - Improved

Installation Instructions

#128626 : Using Micro-Updates in Plesk

A complete list of changes can be found here:

Plesk 12.5 Change Log

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