How to renew expired SSL certificate on Plesk for Linux?




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    Pascal Saul

    How can the default certificate being replaced by a Lets Encrypt certificate. I want to get rid from the default self-signed certificate but I can't. I've secured my Plesk panel with a subdomain with Let's Encrypt certificate. Can you please add an option to redirect from the https://<server ip> to a (sub)domain on the server which is al ready secured with a Lets Encrypt certificate? Then I can remove the default certificate from the server because it's not in used anymore and also the ssllabs test is much better without the self signed certificate which is included in the test as second (invalid) certificate. 

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    Alexandr Tumanov

    Hi Pascal, check the section Tools & Settings > IP Addresses - select IP Address and make sure that the default cert is not selected there. You can choose the required one. Also check this 

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