How to upload Java .war file in Plesk?


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How to upload Java .war file in Plesk?

Applicable to:

  • Plesk for Windows
  • Plesk for Linux


How to add .war files to a java domain in Plesk?


To manage Java applications in Plesk Apache Tomcat 7 needs to be installed at Plesk > Tools & Settings > Updates and Upgrades .

After that you will be able to manage your Java Application via Plesk.

To upload an application go to Plesk > Subscriptions >> Websites & Domains > Java Application .

It will redirect to the Java Applications Manager where needed application can be installed.

Note: Such functionality is available only if assigned Service Plan supports such types of resources. To configure it go to Plesk > Service Plans > "Service Plan Name" > Show more available resources and edit Java applications parameter or customize resources for a specific subscription. Go to Plesk > Subscriptions > > Customize > Show more available resources , edit Java applications parameter.
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