Opening phpMyAdmin from Plesk fails: Cannot connect: invalid settings




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    Fouad Ahmed Fouad

    I have a similar issue but for many databases migrated accounts from Cpanel, can you help me with a CLI fix so I don't have to fix manually for more than 200 databases users have?

    Some times I have this error and some times I have another promtp to enter password manually for database at phpmyadmin, I reinstalled phpmyadmin and used plesk repair db and all without success, please help?

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    Mikhail Shport

    Hello Fouad Ahmed Fouad,

    It is possible to change the password by using the next command:

    # plesk bin database --update-dbuser jdoe -passwd pa$$w0rd

    Additional information can be found here:

    Also, it can be checked via the help option:

    # plesk bin database --help

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