How to disable or remove File Sharing tab (WebDAV) in Plesk?




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    I am having the exact opposite problem - file sharing tab is NOT visible to users. When I try to make it visible by modifying the User Role, 

    Publish files on the Web and Grant, nothing changes when the user logs in.
    But when I Grant "Install and manage applications," suddenly File Sharing is there - but so is the File Manager for the websites! We don't want them to have access to the website files!

    How to give them only access to the File Sharing tab?
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    Alexandr Redikultsev

    Hello, @ianscott!

    This is how it works currently, this limitation is a known one, however we have a request on our User Voice portal to change it:

    It was not very popular over the years, but it might be changes someday.

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