Cache expiration header in additional Nginx directives does not get applied




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    Agli Pançi

    What is the exact change because the current configuration is for a domain PHP handler is set as "FPM application served by Apache". And also the workaround states the same thing: 

    Change PHP handler to "FPM application served by Apache" in Domains > > Hosting settings .

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    Lev Iurev

    Hi @gli Pançi, do you mean that handler is set to "FPM application served by Apache" and cache expiration is enabled in nginx  but cache expiration headers are not returned by server?

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    David McLaughlin

    I have FPM application served by Apache and nginx in proxy mode.

    Despite the change I never see the cache-control header.

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    Anna Morozyuk

    Hi @David,
    If expire headers are not working with Apache, another reason might be involved. Please submit request to a support in order to investigate it thoroughly: 

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