Setting Up LEK Encryption


2016-11-16 13:05:45 UTC


2017-04-24 11:57:56 UTC


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Setting Up LEK Encryption

Applicable to:

  • Customer and Business Manager 4.X for Linux


To accept and use credit cards with your system, you must set up your encryption settings. We highly recommend that you use LEK encryption.

  • Go to System > System Settings > Encryption Settings
  • Select " agree " in the Encryption Agree field.
  • In a separate window or tab, open
  • Enter an encryption key of your choice in the textbox provided. Be sure to write this value down, as this information cannot be recovered.
  • Select your four digit PIN in the four drop down menus.
  • Click Generate LEK Hash .
  • When the page loads, the Encryption Hash is generated. Copy the Encryption Hash.
  • Paste the hash into the New Hash textbox in your ModernBill.
  • Enter the pin you selected when you created your Encryption Hash in the LEK Pin field, and then again in the LEK Pin Again field.
  • Click Submit Changes .
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