Setting Up LEK Encryption

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  • Customer and Business Manager 4.X for Linux


2016-11-16 13:05:45 UTC


2016-12-21 19:56:38 UTC


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Setting Up LEK Encryption


To accept and use credit cards with your system, you must set up your encryption settings. We highly recommend that you use LEK encryption.

  • Go to System > System Settings > Encryption Settings
  • Select " agree " in the Encryption Agree field.
  • In a separate window or tab, open
  • Enter an encryption key of your choice in the textbox provided. Be sure to write this value down, as this information cannot be recovered.
  • Select your four digit PIN in the four drop down menus.
  • Click Generate LEK Hash .
  • When the page loads, the Encryption Hash is generated. Copy the Encryption Hash.
  • Paste the hash into the New Hash textbox in your ModernBill.
  • Enter the pin you selected when you created your Encryption Hash in the LEK Pin field, and then again in the LEK Pin Again field.
  • Click Submit Changes .
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