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Collect info tool for Windows

Applicable to:

  • Plesk 12.0 for Windows
  • Plesk 11.x for Windows
  • Plesk 10.x for Windows

Windows version can be found in Collect info tool for Linux article


Info collector is utility for gathering info about system and installed Plesk. Benefits of using this tools for Plesk users are following:

  • Collect Info Tool can be very useful for self-investigation - all gathered logs and necessary information can be found in one place (directory).

  • Plesk users can provide collected information for investigation on Odin side in scope of forum discussions or Support Ticket submitting.

Utility has three working modes: brief, middle, full.

Modes description:


Gathering info which takes a little time to collect one. It's a common info about system, system state and product such as: product version, micro-update number, base system/IP information, keys repository, upgrade history etc..


Gathering info in this mode may spend a some time. It includes info about autoinstaller log, product and components registry settings, list of installed components etc. + brief information.


Gathering info in this mode may spend a lot of time. Includes brief and middle modes + list of all product files, product system databases dumps, all product logs, ini files etc.

Note: In order for proper collection of panel logs increase log level of Plesk. this is required for troubleshooting errors in control panel. To make it you can use the following KB Article: #213377849



--nozip       Do not produce zip archive   --noclear       Do not clear information repository after zip

Collecting mode options:

--brief       Collect basic OS/Panel information to open a support ticket only

--middle       Collect brief information and small amount of OS/Panel logs to define a problem (default)

--full       Collect complete OS/Panel information (it can take a lot of time and disk space)

Execution informer.exe is equals to "informer.exe --middle".


"%plesk_bin%\\informer.exe" --brief

      Plesk logs/information collecting utility

Brief collecting mode...

Repository folder:

01. System-systeminfo.txt...

02. System-ipconfig.txt...

03. Plesk-version...

04. Plesk-sysinfo.txt...

05. Plesk-microupdates.xml...

06. Plesk-keys_repository...

07. Plesk-upgrade_history.txt...

08. Plesk-domains_count.txt...

09. informer_zip_output.txt...

Cleaning information repository...

Execution time: 00:00:03.

Repository archive file path:

Repository archive file size: 183.96 Kb.`

Additional information

Utility forms info in the next folders:

Plesk  - product and componets information.

Plesk\_db - product dutabase information.

Plesk\_registry - product registry settings information.

System - system information.

Repository root folder is placed in %LOCALAPPDATA% folder. Complete path is displayed in tool's output. You can check tool's output in file informer_Output.txt file which is placed in the repository root folder.

NOTE: Since Plesk 11.5, informer.exe is shipped with Plesk. For previous versions of Plesk use informer.exe attached to this article. Please be free to advise any ideas about this tool development.

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