Domain is not resolving


2016-11-16 13:04:43 UTC


2017-08-16 18:32:17 UTC


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Domain is not resolving

Applicable to:

  • Plesk for Linux
  • Plesk 11.x for Linux
  • Plesk 11.x for Windows
  • Plesk 12.0 for Windows
  • Plesk 12.0 for Linux
  • Plesk 12.5 for Windows


A domain is not resolving to the server correctly.


Issue with configuration or availability of DNS server.


  1. Make sure that the domain is correctly registered on the domain registrar side and that the A type DNS records point to the correct server. Kindly note that adding of DNS records will take up to 24 hours to propagate. In order to check it use dig or nslookup utility.

  2. Make sure that the DNS zone is active for the domain in Plesk under Domains > > DNS settings .

  3. Make sure that DNS service is running in Plesk at Tools & Settings > Services Management .

  4. Check that DNS zone for the domain is correct and persists in Plesk database. Use the following command:

    plesk db "SELECT,,, dns_zone.displayName FROM domains LEFT JOIN dns_zone ON (domains.dns_zone_id = WHERE'';"

In addition, a domain should have only one DNS zone and if more than one DNS zones displays, please contact Plesk technical support.

Note : Use for the reference: #213928465 - How to access Plesk database?.

  1. Update the domain's DNS settings:

    • For Windows:

      "%plesk_bin%\\DNSMng.exe" update
    • For Linux:

      /usr/local/psa/admin/bin/dnsmng --update
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