After installing certificate in Plesk message appears: SSL CA is not correct. Intermediate certificate missing




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    Miha Gregorš (Edited )


    I have similar problem with SSL letsencrypt where ROOT 1 missing. I test on

    I have Plesk/Onyx 17.8 with Nginx+Apache, Extensions are all updated.


    And on even new iPhone I get error in browser:

    Any idea how to solve that?

    Regards, Miha

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    Alexandr Redikultsev

    Hello, @Miha!

    Missing root 1 certificate reported by seemed to be an issue on their side according to the following topic in Let's Encrypt community: 

    As for the 'This connection is not private' message, could you please clarify whether or not you are trying to access Plesk interface on port 8443 before facing this error?

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    Miha Gregorš


    no it was an error on classic website, example We notice that this page doesn't work on many Apple OS.


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    Alexandr Redikultsev

    Hi, @Miha.

    For me, certificate is showing fine in my desktop browser. I do not have the iPhone to check how it is working there, but I believe that the issue exists for you.

    Maybe some Apple OS browsers require additional tuning in the server side to work properly but we did not face any such cased before as there are no articles on that in our knowledge base.

    I suggest clarifying how it is possible that Apple OS browser is showing that SSL is not trusted while Chrome or Firefox is showing the things fine. Maybe you will get an advice on what to adjust.

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