How to integrate Plesk with a secondary (slave) DNS server?




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    Abraham Monrroy

    How often are the zones synced?

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    Taras Ermoshin (Edited )

    Hello @Abraham Monrroy!

    Zones are synced between master and slave DNS servers in 2 conditions:

    1. When DNS zone is changed on the master DNS server, master sends notifies to all slaves.

    2. In the SOA record of the zone, there is a "refresh" parameter (in seconds):

    # nslookup -type=SOA

    Non-authoritative answer:
    origin =
    mail addr =
    serial = 2018112865
    refresh = 7200
    retry = 3600
    expire = 1209600
    minimum = 3600

    Every time this refresh period is expired, slave DNS server connects to master DNS server and refreshes the zone.

    The refresh period can be changed in Plesk in Tools & Settings > DNS Template > SOA Records Template > Refresh interval.

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    Shariq Khan

    I am using Plesk on Windows server. On this server Plesk is running with MS DNS. If i want to deploy external DNS slave server with Plesk as Master DNS. Shall i change Plesk MS DNS with BIND first? OR Slave DNS manager extension is enough to deploy external slave DNS.

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    Ivan Postnikov

    Hello @Shariq,

    It is ok to use MS DNS as a master.

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