My license is in grace period, as it was not renewed. What do I do now?


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My license is in grace period, as it was not renewed. What do I do now?

Applicable to:

  • Web Presence Builder


License was not renewed at the renewal date. When I open Plesk, I get error:

You are currently operating within the grace period of your product license.


All licenses for Plesk products have recurring renewal date. If license is not renewed/updated at the specific renewal date, it enters 10-days grace period. You need to renew/update the license before grace period end to continue using Plesk product.

Further steps depend of the type of customer you are:

If you are using a lease license for Plesk product and purchased it from Plesk Online Store

Make sure the renewal order has been paid and you received invoice from our order processing partner cleverbridge AG.

If you see the invoice for license renewal has been paid and the license has been successfully renewed, please retrieve your product license. For this, log in to Plesk Panel , go to Tools & Settings > Panel > License Management page and click Retrieve Keys .

Alternatively, you can reactivate your product installation with the license activation key. You can see instructions on how to find it here:

213378589 How do I find my subscriptions for Plesk licenses purchased in Plesk Online Store?

In case the latest renewal order is unpaid, you need to pay it to have license renewed for the next month. Information about unpaid order is always sent from our order processing partner cleverbridge AG to the email address used for the purchase.

If you have any questions, contact Plesk Sales team:

Plesk partners having access to license database (Key Administrator)

Log in to your Key Administrator account and check if the license was renewed/updated.

For any questions, please contact your sales representative or sales office in the nearest location:

If you purchased a license from Plesk sales office and do not have access to Plesk license database

Contact your sales representative or sales team in the nearest location:

In case you are using Plesk product through a hosting provider or purchased license through a Plesk reseller , please contact the company that provides you with your Plesk software.

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