Invoice for my license renewal is unpaid. How do I pay it?


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Invoice for my license renewal is unpaid. How do I pay it?

Applicable to:

  • Web Presence Builder
  • Plesk Sitebuilder


I have a lease license stored in Online Store. Invoice for license renewal was not paid. How do I pay it?


For licenses purchased before March 15, 2016

The following invoices are available in your Online Store account:

  • invoices for purchase of Plesk products and services, as well as other products and support services made in Plesk Online Store after August 6, 2012.

  • invoices for monthly payments for lease licenses stored in your Plesk Online Store account.

To pay an unpaid invoice, login to your Online Store account at

Once logged in, you will see Home page which will show all outstanding invoices:

You can pay an invoice at the same page using Pay This Invoice option:

If you have several Outstanding invoices, you can pay them all using Pay All Outstanding Invoices option:

You can also see your unpaid invoices in Operations > My Invoices section:

You can select the unpaid invoice and click Pay This Invoice :

An invoice for any license type renewal is generated 10 days before the renewal date and can be paid within the following 10 days.

If you do not want to renew the license, you have 5 days from invoice generation date to cancel your license. For details about license cancelation, visit:

5 days after the invoice was generated, we will try to automatically charge your card for your license renewal. If the transaction is not successful, you will receive a notification and will have to modify billing information and pay for the license manually in your Online Store account.

Automatic payment can fail for several reasons:

  • invalid credit/debit card is assigned to the license;
  • incorrect card details are indicated;
  • credit/debit card has expired or has been canceled;
  • card issuing company has declined payment;
  • available amount is insufficient to make payment.

If automatic payment fails, the invoice will be shown in your Online Store account as an Outstanding and has to be manually paid.

If the invoice has not been paid until license renewal date, Plesk license stops working. To continue using Plesk, purchase new license.

For licenses purchased after March 15, 2016

Orders placed on or after March 15, 2016 are processed by our order processing vendor cleverbridge. Due to this, licenses for these orders are not stored in Online Store accounts at .

If your renewal order was not paid on time and the license was not renewed, please contact cleverbridge Customer Support or Plesk Sales team .

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