How to set up IP Mapping during migration


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How to set up IP Mapping during migration

Applicable to:

  • Plesk for Windows
  • Plesk for Linux


How to set up IP mapping during migration?


Auto IP mapping :

The best migration practice is to have the same number of dedicated and shared IPs on a destination server as on a source server. Choose Auto IP Mapping in this case.

When there are not enough free dedicated or shared IPs left on the destination server, the default shared IP address will be used instead in case it was Auto IP Mapping chosen.

How to map a dedicated IP :

DEDICATED -> DEDICATED (Best practice. Note: dedicated IP addresses are mapped one-to-one.)

DEDICATED -> SHARED (mapping a dedicated IP to a shared one will disable anonymous FTP and HTTPS unless the SNI support is turned on)

How to map a shared IP :

SHARED -> SHARED (Best practice)

Several shared IPs can be mapped to a single shared IP on the target.

Additional information

For more details, visit Plesk Migration Guide

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