How to retrieve/reset a password of the Plesk "admin" user in Plesk for Linux




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    Noam Harel

    plesk 12.5-

    when i do:

    plesk bin admin --show-password

    i get:

    Due to security reasons the option '-show-password' is no longer supported. Use '--get-login-link' to generate a one-time login link


    you should update your article

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    Pavel Mikhaylov

    Hello Noam,

    This message is displayed starting Plesk Onyx. In Plesk 12.5 option --show-password works as intended.

    If you are sure that version of your Plesk is 12.5 and you have this message, please contact our technical support for further investigation.

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    Gaurav Sharma (Edited )

    Actually I have successfully reset my password via ssh, but still I can't login.. why???

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    Ivan Postnikov

    @Gaurav Sharma


    The issue may be caused by different reasons. Use this article to troubleshoot.

    Also, consider contacting Plesk Technical Support.

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    this implies to be valid for 'the Plesk "admin" user' only - but what if i have multiple users with administrator role?


    does this also cause the effect that trying to use the "forgotten password" link at login returns:
    "Error: Identification failed: invalid username or email address specified. Please try again."?


    so administrator users can't reset their password at all anymore without being given ssh-access?

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    Ivan Postnikov


    Indeed this article is applicable to build-in admin only.

    However, in case there is a server access for built-in admin, to reset the password to additional, go to Tools & Settings > Additional Administrator Accounts > <Account Name> and set a new password.

    As for the error "Error: Identification failed: invalid username or email address specified. Please try again.", it is a known Plesk bug, you may find the description and workaround here.

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