Mailbox size is set to Unlimited for a reseller's subscription but email address usage limit value is different




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    Mahmoud Azzazi

    I have same problem , this solution is not valid

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    Vitaly Zhidkov

    @Mahmoud, can you share the message shown on resources sync?

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    Martien van Geene

    The solution does not work. I changed the mailbox size in the serviceplan to unlimited and used 'update and sync'. But when I try to change the mailbox size of a user mailbox (under domains) it is still limited to the a default mailbox size of 100mb

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    Konstantin Annikov

    Could you please share all the limits for this subscription? I mean all of the following: 

    1. Limit for Reseller under Plesk > Resellers > Reseller name > Cusotmize > Mailbox size

    2. Limit of the subscription under Plesk > Subscriprions > Subscription name > Customize > Mailbox size & Mailboxes


    Please check that all of the limits are set to Unlimited. 

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