Plesk Migrator Extension. Known limitations


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Plesk Migrator Extension. Known limitations

Applicable to:

  • Plesk

Plesk Migrator Extension was introduced in Plesk 12.5 and is actively developed right now. Below is the list of known limitations for this tool:

  1. Plesk Migrator Extention should be installed on the Destination Plesk server (also referenced as Target in some documentation).
  2. Plesk Migrator requires a number of Ports to be open in the firewall. Port can be found in Migration Guide
  3. Plesk Panel should be accessible locally on the Destination server through localhost (
  4. Plesk Migrator requires built-in administrator credentials for the Windows Source server and root user credentials for the Linux one.
  5. At least 2GB of the free disk space is required on the Source server.
  6. Each domain from Source Plesk below 10x version (where the new business model had been introduced for the first time) will get a new subscription on the Destination server.
  7. Coldfusion is not supported on the Destination server.
  8. FrontPage Server Extensions are not supported on the Destination server.
  9. ASP.NET 1.1 is not supported on the Destination server.
  10. All server-wide settings set up in Tools & Settings menu will not be transferred.
  11. PHP settings on the domain level are migrated only in case if PHP handler from source persists on the destination server.
  12. Additional PHP directives of the domain are not migrated.
  13. Plesk Migrator does not transfer Apache modules and shows a corresponding warning. The most popular warning is regarding mod_perl and mod_python.
  14. Custom configuration (e.g. permissions set not via Plesk, web server configuration changes done not via Plesk) are not transferred.
  15. Client login should not exceed 16 symbols.
  16. Empty passwords on the Source server cause the issues for migration.
  17. Database assimilation is possible and works perfectly, but on Destination Plesk it is needed to specify options for remote database server manually (in service plan after migration) as well as switching to the remote database servers.
  18. Migration of domains with long names could fail.
  19. Migration from Plesk on FreeBSD does not work.
  20. Migration from Parallels Small Business Panel does not work.
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    Stéphan Schamp

    Also note that:


    - Websites PHP Performance settings seem to get migrated
    - Websites PHP Common settings are NOT migrated, you need to check these if they are still compatible

    This is also valid when switching between different PHP versions (eg. atomic-php56 to plesk-php56).

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    Anton Maslov

    @Stéphan, thank you for the additional information, I'll double check that with developers and update an article with results.

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