Migration fails with max_allowed_packet parameter warning


2016-11-16 12:53:49 UTC


2017-06-09 04:06:47 UTC


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Migration fails with max_allowed_packet parameter warning

Applicable to:

  • Plesk for Windows
  • Plesk for Linux


Migration fails with error:

    Could not backup database 'wordpress_f' of type mysql[Method not found: 'Int64 psarepository.Repository.Pack(System.String, System.String[], System.String[], System.String, System.String, System.String, Int32, Int64, System.Collections.ArrayList, System.Collections.ArrayList)'.]

Warning: domain "example.com" server.

The 'max_allowed_packet' parameter on the source database server is 16777216, which is bigger than on the destination server, where it is 1048576. Some database objects for the domains specified below might not be restored. Please increase the 'max_allowed_packet' value on the destination database server. 1 domain(s) will be affected.


Low max_allowed_packet is set for destination MySQL server.


  1. Check max_allowed_packet parameter values on both source and destination servers under "%plesk_dir%"\\Databases\\MySQL\\data\\my.ini for Windows OS and /etc/my.cnf for Linux based OS.

  2. Set the value greater than it is set on the source MySQL server:

Linux based OS

    # cat /etc/my.cnf | grep 'max_allowed_packet'

Windows based OS

    type "%plesk_dir%"\\Databases\\MySQL\\data\\my.ini | findstr max_allowed_packet
  1. Restart MySQL server

Linux based OS

    # service mysqld restart

Windows based OS

    Plesk Service Monitor > SQL Server > Restart
  1. Restart the migration
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