How license key management works in Plesk


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How license key management works in Plesk

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I have recently upgraded my license key and it shows that it is going to expire in 1 month. Why does my key expire now when it never expired for my previous versions of Plesk ?


Plesk has a new automated Key Management System that allows the administrator to update the license directly from the Plesk interface under the Tools&Settings > License Management page.

In order to eliminate fraud and the theft of Plesk keys, an expiration date that requires a Plesk key to check in with a management system for renewal was implemented. In other words, a new Plesk key should be retrieved from the key management system every month.

This is done automatically by Plesk and does not require you to manage the license expiration unless an error occurs.

Please note that the license expiration date does not affect any key Plesk feature, such as SUS, email support, etc.

Plesk uses port 5224 to communicate with the key management system, so make sure that this port is opened in your firewall for outgoing connections. If Plesk fails to renew the key for some reason, you will see a note about it in the control panel.

If you do not fix the issue with key updating and do not install a renewed key manually, the Plesk web interface will be blocked.

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